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Insurance for Shuai Jiao Coaching and Participation

Insurance Requirement
Participation in Shuai Jiao as with most martial arts carries with it the attendant risk of personal injury. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that they are adequately insured to participate in Shuai Jiao; and to make sure that their membership and insurance does not lapse.

You can apply for public liability insurance and member to member insurance as a Coach (Instructor) teaching Shuai Jiao in a BSJU Accredted School, as part of your annual membership fee.

You can apply for member to member insurance as an Athlete (Student) participating in Shuai Jiao in a BSJU Accredited School, as part of your annual membership fee.

BSJU Accredited Schools
BSJU accredited school status is only issued to schools that have achieved the required high standards to teach Shuai Jiao in the United Kingdom. BSJU accredited schools demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement, development and promotion of Shuai Jiao in the United Kingdom.

To be accredited by the BSJU, Shuai Jiao schools must fulfil the following criteria:
  • Coaching competence as trainers and experienced practitioners of Shuai Jiao - certified by the BSJU
  • Coaching, Safeguarding and First Aid competence as part of the minimum operating standards
  • Shuai Jiao learning programmes cover the standardised curriculum and learning outcomes
  • Schools provide the appropriate level of teaching, support, tutoring and assessment to enable all students to gain BSJU certification.
The award of accreditation is made to the school and held by the Head Coach (Chief Instructor). All BSJU Coaches must hold a current DBS Check and have undertaken approved Safeguarding training, approved First Aid training, and BSJU Coaching training, to validate their coaching credentials, and to be authorised and licenced to teach Shuai Jiao in the United Kingdom.

Please contact your BSJU Coach (Instructor) to obtain your school location (post code) and school authentication code, to proceed with your membership application (or renewal) to obtain appropriate insurance cover.

More Information

BSJU Member Services

  • Apply for Membership
    You can apply for membership of the BSJU, if you are a Shuai Jiao practictioner and an exponent of one (or more) of the five principle styles of Shuai Jiao, or if you practice Shuai Jiao as a component of your martial arts system (including wrestling, grappling, and throwing). On successful registration you will then become part of a global family with a history spanning some 4,000 years; and access to national, international, and world-level events.

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  • Safeguarding Standards
    The BSJU recognise that everyone has a responsiblity to keep themselves and others safe, and people involved in Shuai Jiao should know what to do if they have any concerns. The BSJU are working to support our members, parents, carers, and volunteers to safeguard children and adults at risk. The BSJU is committed to maintaining safeguarding best practice, reflecting our corporate responsibility to safeguard all participants, effectively.

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  • Renew Membership
    You need to renew your BSJU membership annually to remain an active member of the BSJU. It is important that you do not allow your membership to lapse, as you are expected to be insured and licensed, as a requirement of participaion in Shuai Jiao practice. Shuai Jiao, as a martial art, carries with it inherent risks of personal injury. Participants must have adequate insurance in place, which can be obtained through the BSJU membership process.

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  • Coaching Standards
    The BSJU recognise that Coaches (Instructors) play a critical role in the development of any sporting activity, and in the lives of the people that they coach. Our Coaches (Instructors) ensure that participation in Shuai Jiao is a positive experience aiming to ensure a high quality and safe approach to training. The BSJU Coach Development Programme (CDP) is delivered online and face-to-face, and designed for ‘teaching’ and ‘performance development’.

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  • DBS Check Service
    You can apply for a DBS check as part of the 'martial arts workforce' through our partner organisation: SCiMA Education Limited (SCiMA). Enhanced DBS check are required, as a condition of membership, for all Heads of Association, Coaches (Instructors), Designated Safeguarding Officers (DSOs), and people in a position of trust. The practice of Shuai Jiao will involve physical contact, and it is essential that ALL participants are safeguarded, appropriately.

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  • Policies and Guidance
    The BSJU policies and guidance reflect our key objectives to support participation and excellence in Shuai Jiao. Our policies and guidance comply with British legislation and regulations in relation to coaching, safeguarding, and equality. Our strategy redefines participation in Shuai Jiao, with a focus on five key outcomes: physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, individual development, social and community development, and economic development.

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