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A 'New' British Shuai Jiao Union (BSJU) A Message from the 'New' British Shuai Jiao Union President: Master Robert Simpson (Yuan Xiang) BSJU Webinar: Anti-Bullying - Saturday 23 October 2021 Safeguarding Update
2021 International Shuai Jiao Seminar, 17-19 September 2021, Montesilvano, Italy
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A 'New' British Shuai Jiao Union (BSJU)

On 5 July 2021, the British Shuai Jiao Union (BSJU) was reconstituted to represent the interests of Shuai Jiao in the United Kingdom. The BSJU is a member of the European Shuai Jiao Union (ESJU) and the World Shuai Jiao Federation (WSJF). The BSJU Executive Board was formed from current members and established on Monday 19 July 2021. The President was nominated from the Executive Board to represent the international (and World-level) Shuai Jiao interest of the United Kingdom. Master Robert Simpson, was nominated and subsequently appointed as the President of the BSJU. The first Executive Order of the BSJU was to register as a company.

The BSJU Executive Order to form a company took effect from 12:00 midday, on Monday 19 July, 2021. On 23 July 2021, the BSJU was incorporated as a not for profit company limited by guarantee (registered by Companies House) as 'British Shuai Jiao Union Ltd' with company number: 13526742. The use of the term 'British' in the company name confirms the pre-eminent status of the BSJU in the United Kingdom for the promotion and development of Shuai Jiao.

The mandate to represent the interests of Shuai Jiao will transfer to the newly appointed President, Master Robert Simpson (Yuan Xiang). Master Simpson has now formally resigned from his posts with the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA), as the lead for Safeguarding and Chinese Wrestling.

Robert Simpson (pictured centre) said "I am pleased to be appointed President of the BSJU. I look forward to leading Shuai Jiao into a bright new future, in the UK, as we safely return to training, and learn to live with Covid-19."

A Message from the President

On Monday 5 July, the Prime Minister outlined his long-term plan for life beyond Step 4, as the progress of the vaccination programme means we can move out of lockdown restrictions and move from treating Covid as a pandemic to treating it like any other endemic disease.

After almost 15 months of restrictions and all the challenges – personal and professional – that they have brought, the chance to get back to so many things we have loved and missed will be wonderful.

But I also know that some colleagues may be concerned and worried following today’s announcement. Covid is not gone, and people will have different experiences – some colleagues may not have been vaccinated yet or have particular health concerns; and some may be worried about busy public spaces after so long.

Others will feel invigorated by the prospect of returning to training, perhaps after a long period of living alone or training alone at home. We all have different circumstances - but one thing we have in common is that we are a kind and caring workforce, and we will continue to look after each other. 

We are also all acutely conscious that the pandemic has changed over time, and that some past openings-up haven’t lasted. There is a real difference now, in the breaking of the link between infection and severe disease and death, that has been delivered by the vaccine. But you will see that today’s Roadmap also sets out the circumstances where we may need to be ready for change (particularly, any emergence of a new variant which isn’t as well-controlled by vaccines as the current ones are) – and the contingency plans for this, in case they are needed.

A Safe Return to Training

As part of the Roadmap announcement, the Prime Minister confirmed that from the 19 July it is no longer necessary for the Government to instruct people to socially distance. This feels like a huge milestone and means we can now welcome many more people back to training – and start to use, test and adapt our new blended patterns, as we build the back the 'new' BSJU and what we want and need it to be.

Many schools will have already agreed their proposed future patterns of training. If you haven’t yet had this conversation in your Coach or Head of Association, now is the time to do that. To aid you in having these conversations, please use the five principles and framework set out by the Executive, frequently asked questions and the future ways of training models developed and shared with BSJU members.

The new 'Quality Mark' for Shuai Jiao in the United Kingdom is the BSJU Accreditation. BSJU Accrediation means that the school is recognised by the BSJU and international governing bodies. This 'Qulaity Mark' will provide participants with an assurance that the Shuai Jiao being taughts aligns with the expected standards and that the Coach (Instructor) has demonstrated the required knowledge and skills to teach competently and safely.

Robert Simpson said "As I have said before, with anything new we will move steadily, and will iterate, reflect and adjust as we go along. Your [BSJU members] safety and wellbeing will always come first – and we’re updating our guidance in line with the latest health advice for Step 4."

BSJU Member Services

  • Apply for Membership
    You can apply for membership of the BSJU, if you are a Shuai Jiao practictioner and an exponent of one (or more) of the five principle styles of Shuai Jiao, or if you practice Shuai Jiao as a component of your martial arts system (including wrestling, grappling, and throwing). On successful registration you will then become part of a global family with a history spanning some 4,000 years; and access to national, international, and world-level events.

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  • Safeguarding Standards
    The BSJU recognise that everyone has a responsiblity to keep themselves and others safe, and people involved in Shuai Jiao should know what to do if they have any concerns. The BSJU are working to support our members, parents, carers, and volunteers to safeguard children and adults at risk. The BSJU is committed to maintaining safeguarding best practice, reflecting our corporate responsibility to safeguard all participants, effectively.

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  • Renew Membership
    You need to renew your BSJU membership annually to remain an active member of the BSJU. It is important that you do not allow your membership to lapse, as you are expected to be insured and licensed, as a requirement of participaion in Shuai Jiao practice. Shuai Jiao, as a martial art, carries with it inherent risks of personal injury. Participants must have adequate insurance in place, which can be obtained through the BSJU membership process.

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  • Coaching Standards
    The BSJU recognise that Coaches (Instructors) play a critical role in the development of any sporting activity, and in the lives of the people that they coach. Our Coaches (Instructors) ensure that participation in Shuai Jiao is a positive experience aiming to ensure a high quality and safe approach to training. The BSJU Coach Development Programme (CDP) is delivered online and face-to-face, and designed for ‘teaching’ and ‘performance development’.

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  • DBS Check Service
    You can apply for a DBS check as part of the 'martial arts workforce' through our partner organisation: SCiMA Education Limited (SCiMA). Enhanced DBS check are required, as a condition of membership, for all Heads of Association, Coaches (Instructors), Designated Safeguarding Officers (DSOs), and people in a position of trust. The practice of Shuai Jiao will involve physical contact, and it is essential that ALL participants are safeguarded, appropriately.

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  • Policies and Guidance
    The BSJU policies and guidance reflect our key objectives to support participation and excellence in Shuai Jiao. Our policies and guidance comply with British legislation and regulations in relation to coaching, safeguarding, and equality. Our strategy redefines participation in Shuai Jiao, with a focus on five key outcomes: physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, individual development, social and community development, and economic development.

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